Hospital Homebound

Hospital Homebound

Program Purpose:  to help students with verifiable illnesses/injuries keep up with school studies in core curricular areas.


  • Students are eligible for service after two weeks of absence from their home school. 
  • A doctor's letter or note may be required.

Parent/Student's Responsibilities:

  • It should be understood that this service is only a means to keep the qualifying student at a level reasonably close to classroom progress.
  • Students will be required to study independently and may require parental assistance between hospital-homebound teacher visitations.
  • Homework between visitations is absolutely necessary in order for students to keep up with their class.  If students receiving this service refuse to do homework, they place themselves at risk of failure.
  • Hospital homebound service will consist of a maximum of 2 hours per week which will either consist of hospital/home visitations OR drop-in sessions at our Centre.