Breakfast & Lunch Programs

Breakfast Program Lunch Program Pizza Friday Program
Daily Monday to Thursday Fridays
(order placed in classroom on Thursdays)



All students at Alexis Park Elementary have the option to come into the school in the morning to have their bellies, hearts and souls fed as they have a bowl of cereal and other available breakfast items with staff.  Each morning, a staff member will announce that breakfast is served and we welcome any student to join us!


We have a brown bag lunch program at Alexis Park Elementary.  Lunch is available each day, Monday to Thursday.  If your child would benefit from participating in the lunch program, please reach out to Ms. Inkster in the office by phone or email so that we can keep accurate numbers of lunches needed.  This program operates at no additional cost to families for the 2022-2023 school year.

Pizza Friday

On Fridays, there are no lunch deliveries. Students may bring a lunch from home or participate in Pizza Friday.  On Thursdays, classroom teachers collect orders and money for Pizza Friday.  Please send your child with money on Thursday to place the order with their classroom teacher. The menu each week is:

  • Cheese pizza – $2/slice
  • Pepperoni pizza – $2/slice
  • Bugs ‘n cheese – $4
  • Penne & meat sauce – $4
  • Chicken fingers & veggies – $4

Funds from Pizza Friday are used to cover the costs of the food and enhance the learning at Alexis Park Elementary School.

Please reach out to Mrs. Friesen or Ms. Inkster in the office if your family requires support with breakfast or lunch for your child(ren).