Breakfast & Lunch Programs


A light snack is provided prior to the school day for students who need a little more nutrition to get them through the morning.  There is no sign up for this program, students just line up.  Our breakfast program is made possible by donations from Alexis Park Church.  Food items like yogurt, cheese, and granola bars are dropped off on a regular basis.  The “Muffin Ladies” from the congregation provide delicious muffins for the week every Tuesday.


For students who are unable to bring a lunch from home we have the lunch program which is “subsidized” through Community Links funding.  To help us give the opportunity to support as many families as possible, parents are asked to pay $30 per month for each child with a maximum of $50 per family. The actual cost is $77.00 per month (lunches cost $3.85 per day).

Students on the lunch program pick up a lunch at the kitchen four days per week from Monday to Thursday.  Fridays there are no lunch deliveries and students need to bring a lunch from home or order a slice of pizza for $2.00.​

If providing a healthy lunch for your child is difficult for you, please contact Ms. McEachnie or Mr. Sutch to register for the lunch program.